a little about me

My name is Tami and this is my website. It is a chronicle of my daily walks, my grandchildren , my two dogs ( Bailey Maria Kiana AKA blind Betty and Austin)  and stuff I find entertaining (warning: I am easily amused). It was created by my super smart nephew/computer geek/coworker Luke. Oh and have I mentioned I used to change his diapers when he was a baby? Yes, it is true!

Sorry Luke : )

I grew up in Pinole a small town in the San Francisco bay area. I am a graduate of Pinole Valley High. Never a big school activities type of girl. I was more the peace, love and Bobby Sherman or the 1977 version of white punks on dope.

I am single, I have a wonderful daughter Melissa, and am the Big Momma to two beautiful grandchildren (Kaleah and Makai) . I live in Vallejo for for the moment.  Cant wait until the housing market corrects itself  so I can get up outta there for Destinations unknown

I work for a large bio-tech firm.  Over the years this job has been a lot of hard work but tons of fun. I have made many life long friendships along the way, which I will always cherish.  I feel extremely thankful to have a job  that I enjoy in this crazy economy.

This blog is for my amusement and hopefully I can amuse you too!.