Laissez les bons temps rouler

My father had a stoke a decade or so ago.  He was 80 yrs old and swimming at the YMCA when it happened.  He was a little too old to recover although he tried his damndests.  He worked hard at getting better and stayed hopeful most of the time.   He was in and out of the hospital with aspiration pneumonia I don't know how many times.  He broke his hip and ankle while in the process of rehabbing from the stoke.  He fought back from all of these obstacles life through at him.  Finally he got a deadly blood infection they believed was caused by an untreated urinary track infection. His blood was septic and his organs began shutting down.

I had been camping for the weekend and when I arrived home there were several messages from my sister saying Dad was in the hospital and it didn't look good.  His Doctors had, on several occasions, told us he wasn't gonna make it but he always pulled through. so as you can imagine we were usually very skeptical .  Theresa specifically said that it wasn't  Dr. Batts saying it this time but an ICU doctor.  I hurried  and jumped in the shower . Quickly heading up to the hospital.  My dad was laying awake in bed when I walked in the room.  It was just me and him.   I held his hand and asked him how he felt.  He said "OK."  (He never was one to complain)   Then he asked me what my shirt said.  I had put on a T-shirt that I had gotten in New Orleans and the words " laissez les bons temps rouler. was written on the front."  I said to him  " It says Let the good times roll in French "  He smiled a big smile and laughed as he pushed his head deep into the pillow.  Shortly after that he fell asleep.  That was the last time we ever spoke.  He lied unconscious for 8 more days before he passed away.   

I think I wore that T-shirt one more time after that.   I folded it up and put it away for a keep sake.  Then years later knowing my daughter Missy was due to have my first grandchild any day.  I washed the shirt and had it ready.  When I got the call that the her labor has started I put on the t-shirt as a way of having my Dad with us in the delivery room.  Having grown up with 6 brothers and one sister my Dad loved girls.  He would have been head over heels to have known Kaleah  and Kai too of course.  So  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL.


Yesterday and Today my office has been Coyote.  Starting Monday around noon we got the call that 5 different products were being recalled. This entailed having to figure out where the product had allocated,  which orders had printed, if they had been pulled and packed.. What  various stages the picklist  were in throughout  the warehouse,  even had to pull most of the orders off the fed ex truck.   Then back them out of the clippership,  delete outbound on the defective items,  then have customers service reenter the orders,  after that figure out how many we need transfer them back to raw material.  

Just now at 2:00 I think the problems have been resolved.  OOPS' spoke to soon.  Maria just figured out that the EtQ quarantine does not list all of the lots.  3:10 Baan is having problems with the generate outbound and we can't get any picks to print.    3:30  IT just called and they generated outbound manually.  I just finished routing the picks.  Maria is now back at her desk so I  am thinking things are good.   Damn.  

I want to cruise into the holiday - not go out like this.   My friend Federico is from Italy and sometimes he is unsure how to say certain words in English.  One day while implementing a new computer system -

I asked him, " how it was going? "

He said " its Coyote" 

I  said" what?"  

He asked me how to say it in English. 

"I don't know what your trying to say" I said. 

Frustrated he said its a English word that we use in Italy.  It means its all crazy.  "Coyote" he said again.  I said a "Coyote is like a dog"  He said he knew that.  I am laughing because I don't know what he is trying to say.  Finally together we figure out he's trying to say Chaotic.   He was telling me it was Chaotic. 

Ever since then when it gets crazy I say it's Coyote. 

Oh yeah, sometimes when its coyote I like to say that mercury must be in retrograde.  I don't know what it means but I like how it sounds.


Missy and Me

Sunday was Mother / Daughter day for Missy and Me.  We had planned on a Mom, Daughter and Auntie day.  Theresa was supposed to come but it turned out she had already said she would work  OT on Sunday but forgot until they called her at 8:00 am saying " where you at" ? Missy and I had a nice day .   We went to see the movie Precious and then had dinner at Angeline's.   The movie was really good and the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese at Angelines's was beyond delicious- it was out of this world.. : ) 




My Explorer was stolen at the end of July.  The tires and battery were taken.  They ruined the ignition, door lock and the gear shift handle.  My sweet as pie niece Erica hooked me up with a good deal on some tires.  That was at the end of Aug.  Sean put the tires on in the middle of Oct.   Now all I need to do is buy a battery and drive it to the shop. 

Well, that is easier said then done.   It seems like a small errand but in my mind is seems overwhelmingly difficult.  Everyday day I think  when would be a good morning to take off work and drop it off at the repair shop..  Mind you today is November 18 th.  I am off  this Friday but am going up to Lincoln to visit an old coworker.  Maybe I could do it tomorrow? Humm  Wonder if I could put a battery in myself?   Next week is Thanksgiving week.  A very busy week at work because we ship five days worth of International subsidiaries shipments in 3 days.  That might not be a good time to ask for the morning off.   As you may know other countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving.  They can't understand why we are closed 2 days for a dinner.

Oh I digress.   WHY is this so hard? I am dazed and confused. Like a deer caught in the headlight.  Frozen   HELP ME JESUS !

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