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November, 12, 1984 is my start date at Bio-Rad Lab.  25 years ago today.  Wahoo!  Can  you see the confetti falling?  Man!  that is crazy. There are people who work here not  25 yet.   I have been here half of my life.  Missy had just turn 5 and was two months into her Kindergarten year.  Next  thing you know she is 30 and  I am a Grandma to  two fabulous kids.  Time flies while your living your life. 

 The Rad was much different  back in 84 then it is today.  We were so small and informal. (With emphasis on informal)    Just like a big family   company where everyone knew each other.  It was always lively and lots of fun.  I  can still remember the day  the owner told us during a luncheon that the time had come for us to start acting like the big company we had become . From that day forward the company became more and more corporate .  I don't know half the people  who work here any more.  We started out in 3 buildings and have grown to so many different  locations I have lost count.  Sometime's it is years in between before you run into an old friend . But that doesn't change anything because we know all about each other.   We have been through the birth of many a  baby,  weddings,  crazy parties, divorces, and the passing of our loved ones and coworkers.. The friends I've made at Bio-Rad are very special to me and  will cherish them for the rest of my life or at least till I quit.  JK  : )


Veteran's Day


Today is Veteran day . A reminder for us to pray  for and give thanks to our soldiers serving our Country today and for all those that served before them.  Today I remember my Father who was a Veteran of  two wars  (WWII and Korean)    There were 6 Fahlgren boys total  that served in WWII.   My Father and 4 of his brothers served in the US Navy and 1 in the US Army.  5 of the brothers were Pearl Harbor survivors. My Dad being one of the them.   They  were stationed on the same ship.  The USS Vestal.  Which was docked along side the USS Arizona.  All survived the surprise attack that day   The Navy asked my Grandmother to christen a  US Navel battleship in gratitude for her children's service to this country.  I am extremely proud of my Dad and Uncles.  They were true hero's.  Only one of my uncles is still living.  He will be 90 on Dec 2nd.   God Bless you Uncle Ervin.

Soon after that the military did not allow siblings to be stationed together when  five  members of one family died.  Sullivan brothers were five siblings who were all killed in action during or shortly after the sinking of the light cruiser USS Juneau (CL-52), the vessel in which they all served, on 13 November 1942 in World War


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